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IT Leader.Future Thinking

As part of our "IT Leader. Future Thinking." roundtable series, this event focuses on meeting customers’ ever-changing expectations. What do today’s customers demand, how well equipped are we to deliver, and what does the future hold?

Why should I attend?

Share your thoughts and get expert advice from those in the know. This is your opportunity to join a select group of senior IT decision makers for an evening of fascinating conversation followed by a fine dining experience.

Informative peer-to-peer-Icon-01

Informative peer-to-peer learning and debate with IT leaders from diverse industries

Real-life stories of success-Icon-02

Real-life stories of success and failure – and the lessons that have been learned

A look into the customer experience-Icon-03

A look into the customer experience trends that attendees expect to see in the near future

Event details


Thursday 31 January, 2019


6:30pm for a 7pm start


Taxis at 10pm


World Service Restaurant, Newdigate House, Castle Gate, Nottingham, NG1 6AF

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Fine dining in elegant surroundings

World Service is a breathtaking and elegant fine dining restaurant uniquely housed in the elegant surroundings of 17th Century Newdigate House. Enjoy delicious modern British cuisine served in The Tallard room, a private room which overlooks the garden.

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What’s on the agenda?


Welcome drinks and canapes

Meet your peers and get the conversation started with welcome drinks and delicious amuse-bouches.


Introduction from your host

As you take your seats your host for the evening will ensure everyone has been introduced and facilitate the roundtable conversation.


How can IT deliver against different customer expectations?

What are leading companies doing to meet customers’ ever-changing demands?


The role of technology

Not just in raising customer expectations, but in helping IT to deliver against them.


Always on, always available

In an on-demand society, what options do businesses have to be constantly on hand?


The challenge of internal customers

Just as external customers demand different experiences, so the different teams within an organisation have varying needs.


Bridging the generation gaps

With multiple generations sharing the same workspace, how can IT deliver services that are convenient and accessible for all?


Delivering consistency

What are the secrets to ensuring that all clients get the same high quality, around the clock service?

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Join the debate and learn how your peers are tackling the challenge of rising customer expectations.