Littlefish is an IT company with a BIG difference

And not just because of our name (although we do like it!).

We became an established and credible alternative to the ‘usual suspect’ large Multi £Billion Managed Service Providers and IT Outsourcers in the mid-market and enterprise by ensuring that our customers consistently receive a market-leading service.

We’re different

Our approach to service delivery is tailored to ensure our Service Desk feels like part of your business. 

Whenever you contact us, your call is immediately allocated to a Pod which is a smaller subset of the wider Service Desk, focused specifically on the needs of your organisation.
On the off chance your pod is busy, the wider service desk is still there to help. And they’ve got the knowledge and skills to be just as effective as your pod. We’ll talk to your suppliers for you, and maintain ownership until the job is done.

It’s as simple as that. You basically get your own dedicated team who get to understand your specific business needs.

How are we doing?

We place great emphasis on First Contact Resolution and world-class customer service.

We will ensure that our performance is specified in a Service Level Agreement that is tailored to your organisation.


  • We achieve more than 70% First Contact Resolution

  • We achieve 6 sec Average Response Time

  • Our customer satisfaction is rated at over 95%

But we don’t like to brag

We just like to provide a reliable, agile and innovative service tailored for you every time you contact us.

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